There is a plethora of iPhone apps that are of immense use to the health-conscious general public. At the same time there are some very useful iPhone apps that can help medical professionals with their learning, here time management, click tracking appointments, tadalafil communicating with patients, and more.

Here we present five excellent iPhone apps for medical professionals –

1. Allscripts Remote – This iPhone application is powered by the Allscripts Remote technology and enables healthcare providers to access patient Electronic Health Records (EHR). The application is a potential lifesaver as it enables doctors to take informed decisions in situations when they are pressed for time and quick action is required – for example in the emergency rooms of hospitals.

You can also review patient summary when talking to the patient on the phone. It helps medical practitioners save time by expediting their decision making process regarding the best possible treatment options for a patient. The application also reduces a doctor’s medical liability by thoroughly documenting out-of-office actions.

2. Wards: Patient Tracker – A handy patient tracking application for medical professionals and medical students. Lets you dispense with pen and pad and the hassle of having to remember things about patients. Data entry using this application is smooth; you can enter as much or as little information that you feel is sufficient to apprise you of your patient’s progress. Add patient name, room number, assessment, and any notes on the assessment, if required.

Add details you note during your rounds and also results of lab tests. Each day you can add new details. Adding new patients and deleting old data when the patient leaves are easily done. The Lite version is limited to recording information on two patients.

3. motionPHR – A Personal Health Record (PHR) management system for the entire family. Add data, back it up, and live with the knowledge that your family’s medical records are stored safely. Only you can edit or delete that data that you enter. A nifty application that lets you manage records from your iPhone. Track medication doses and when to take them; appointments with doctors; physical conditions mentioned so that doctors can treat you accordingly; information on allergies suffered by you or family members; etc.

The application supports reminders and notifications via email. Off phone backup ensures that you always have your records available. The level of detail in which information can be added is impressive and you can do so with minimum tapping of the keys.

4. STAT ICD – 9 – A really useful iPhone application for medical practitioners which gives them access to the complete International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD). The codes make it easy for doctors to relate signs and symptoms to conditions. The application comes with an in-built search feature which is a great help in looking up the exact code, with this application you can diagnose quickly and minimize the chances of having a claim denied because of improper diagnosis coding.

The codes can be retrieved using a drill-down menu without typing. The application is an exhaustive and well-structured one with codes available to the deepest level of specificity.

5. Lexi-Comp Individual Application – Medical practitioners can ill-afford to fall behind on the latest developments in their field. Staying up-to-date with the latest breakthroughs and information becomes easy when you have anytime access to the information. This application does just that.

The databases present with the application contain images, charts, and tables for quick referencing and easy understanding. The database covers content neatly categorized; some of the categories include natural products, infectious diseases, lab and diagnostic procedures, household products, drug allergy, medical abbreviations.