With over 1, purchase 000 iPad apps available, capsule it’s not easy to sort through them for what you need – Skype? Netflix? Google Earth? Here is a short list of iPad apps that will help you educate yourself and others about the human body – Yes, there are apps for that.

  1. Brain Tutor 3D Brain Tutor 3D, a free app, has a 3D model of the human brain you can move and rotate to learn about the structure and function of the brain. The 3D models of the head and brain were created using MRI scans, and a bar to the side includes a description of what everything does. This visual aid is especially useful for explaining procedures and other issues to patients.
  2. Free Primal Anatomy Quiz The Free Primal Anatomy Quiz for self-testing comes with over 100 questions on the respiratory, cardiovascular and digestive systems. Can you pick out where the temporal bone is, or locate the inferior vena cava?
  3. X-rays This partially free X-rays app has a wide selection of human X-rays for the study of abnormalities, fractures in wrists, hands, ankles, teeth, arms, legs and skulls, and objects embedded in flesh and bone (accidentally and on-purpose). A number of x-ray shots are free, and the rest will be unlocked with a purchase.
  4. The Human Body 2 The Human Body 2 app is part encyclopedia, part interactive visual aid, to help people learn about nervous, muscle, internal organ and skeletal systems in the human body. There is also some explanation of the human brain in the latest version, as well as 3D rotation. Information is updated frequently.
  5. Human AtlasThe Human Atlas application is a slightly more expensive human body app with 3D animations of common medical treatments and conditions with narration. Human Atlas Lite is available for free if you want to try it out first. This comprehensive guide is a great tool for educating patients.