Today’s hospitals are busy places, and there’s lots of great information coming out of them. As a hospital administrator, part of your job is to keep the public informed of advances, news and other important information about your hospital. Twitter is a fantastic tool for hospital administrators. Not only can you get great ideas about running your hospital, but you can also see what type of information other hospitals are putting out there for their followers. It’s a great way to stay current and informed.

Take a look at the tweets of these 17 hospitals, whose administrators are keeping the world informed through Twitter.

  1. Children’s Hospital in Boston: This Twitter page follows all the goings on at Children’s Hospital in Boston, one of the country’s foremost children’s hospitals. They are a leading hospital in pediatric health care and research.
  2. Methodist Hospital in Houston: The Methodist Hospital System, headquartered in Houston, is one of the country’s foremost health systems. Keep up with them via Twitter.
  3. Texas Hospitals: This is a trade association that provides information about hospitals in Texas.
  4. Ohio Hospitals: This is the Ohio Hospital Association. Find out all the important news going on in hospitals in Ohio from this Twitter page.
  5. Cooper Hospital: This is the official Twitter page of Cooper University Hospital in New Jersey, one of New Jersey’s premier teaching hospitals.
  6. Doctor’s Hospital in Columbus: Follow one of Columbus, Ohio’s best hospitals via this Twitter page.
  7. Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia: Follow Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, one of the world’s foremost pediatric treatment and research facilities.
  8. Standford Hospital: Follow Standford Hospital, including the Stanford Cancer Clinic, one of the country’s best cancer clinics.
  9. Mayo Clinic: Follow the Mayo Clinic, one of the world’s foremost hospital systems. They have locations in Minnesota, Florida and Arizona.
  10. Johns Hopkins: Keep up with what’s going on at one of the foremost hospitals in the country.
  11. Harvard Health: Great health information provided by the 8000 doctors at Harvard Medical School and by the hospital administration. Harvard Medical School is one of the most important research communities in the country, and they report great health and hospital information on a regular basis.
  12. Kaiser Health News: This is Kaiser’s non profit news service that covers healthcare policy and political issues. They are connected to what goes on at Kaiser Health Centers across the country.
  13. American Public Health Administration: The American Public Health Administration is a great Twitter account to follow to keep up to date on public health administration and policy.
  14. Duke Global Health: Duke University Hospital, one of the country’s foremost medical centers and research hospitals, provides information on their clinical research and other goings on at this widely recognized hospital.
  15. Phoenix Children’s Hospital: Follow the administration of another of the country’s best pediatric hospitals.
  16. Florida Hospital: Follow Florida Hospital, a non-profit hospital system of 8 hospitals in central Florida. This is one of Florida’s largest hospital systems.
  17. Mississippi Hospital Association: Follow the administration of the hospital association for the state of Mississippi. This site is primarily designed for employees of the hospitals in Mississippi, so it offers a lot of insight into how the hospitals work and perform.

Hospital administration is a growing field, with a wide range of opportunities. With so many different types of hospitals in the country, and such a wide range of healthcare needs; hospital administrators have an even more challenging job today than in years past.

One of the best ways to stay abreast on changes and trends in hospital systems across the country is through Twitter. Busy professionals love Twitter because it gives them valuable information, but does so in short, manageable bursts that don’t take up too much time.

Follow these and other hospitals on Twitter to see how programs are working and to get ideas for how to make your hospital even better. In fact, maybe you should start tweeting about what’s going on at your hospital too. Sharing of information is one of the best ways to improve the healthcare system in the US for everyone.