Top 30 Job Sites for Healthcare Administrators

Those looking for a job in healthcare administration can find loads of career options for them. With every position from administrative assistant to hospital administrator having its own requirements and benefits, prescription it can be confusing and overwhelming. And while there is just about a search site for everything, check especially jobs, it can be difficult to narrow down all the vast information the internet has to offer into what you are actually looking for.

To help, we have collected the top 30 job sites for healthcare administrators. They include options especially for the career, other options in the healthcare field, and even a few specialties such as international options and for those who want to work in hospitals.

Top Job Sites for Healthcare Administrators

Check out these to get resources just for healthcare administration careers.

  1. ACHCA Career Link
    Visit here to get jobs exclusively from the American College of Health Care Administrators. Simply create your account to post an anonymous resume and review jobs. The main site also has loads of other resources.
  2. Med Hunting
    Another healthcare job site, they have a special section for service, administrative, and other related jobs in the field. Hundreds of careers are listed from entry level to managerial. There are also many other medical jobs for the viewing on the main site.
  3. Healthcare Administrator
    Job Search Site is a tool that searches other job engines for a specific type of career and lists them here. In this special section, they feature just the jobs listed in healthcare administration. Click on the homepage to search for many other related careers such as:
  4. Administrator Medical Assistant
    Often a stepping stone in a career as a healthcare administrator, use the same site as above to look up the available positions as a administrative medical assistant. You can also find related jobs with just a click.
  5. Healthcare Administration
    They provide healthcare management jobs, health administration jobs, and jobs in medical and healthcare instruction. You can choose from a quick link such as clinical manager or medical records manager, or simply type in the job on the search engine. There is also career advice for the clicking.
  6. iHireHealthCareAdministration
    Search for thousands of healthcare administration jobs on their postings here. They also include newspaper and classified ads. Thousands of visitors, both in the form of candidates and employers, visit each month.
  7. Health Services Administrator Jobs
    Although many job searching sites allow you to type in “healthcare administrator,” few have this specialty option. Simply Hired features all the jobs that fall under the title, including thousands from a single employer. Top hirers include Valley Health, Capital Healthcare, and the U.S. Navy.
  8. MGMA
    The Medical Group Management Association offers an exclusive job board for healthcare administration and related fields. However, a membership is required. If unsure, you can read many blogs and articles for free on the topic.
  9. AHIMA
    Get a membership here to help your studies and career as a healthcare administration. The American Health Information Management Association offers them a community, body of knowledge, and even career assistant. There are also many free options available.
  10. PAHCOM
    Similar to the above, a paid membership here has its benefits. They include a career center, member library, awards, and even scholarships. You can also learn more about the certification option.

Top Job Sites for Healthcare Professionals

Start here for the best in job sites for all kinds of healthcare professionals, including administrators.

  1. Health eCareers
    This job site takes the aspects of both healthcare jobs and the internet to their fullest potential. You can choose to search for a variety of different jobs in healthcare, along with a specific tab for administration or executives in healthcare. Part of On Target Jobs, they can help customize any search with news, information, events, and resources that correspond to it.
  2. All Healthcare Jobs
    Before you use the healthcare job search engine here, be sure and check out articles such as the three interview questions to expect and how to get hired when you have no experience. Job seekers can also come to post their resume, receive job alerts, and more. You can also browse jobs by location or by title.
  3. Practice Link
    The tagline of this site is “becoming a physician is hard. Finding a job doesn’t have to be.” They feature tons of jobs for physicians by specialty, including for administration. You can also learn more about their featured employers with a visit.
  4. Career Vitals
    Create your own personalized account here to save searches, post your resume, and more. In addition to the usual job hunt, they also feature “healthy career advice” for those working in the healthcare field. They also offer jobs from prominent healthcare centers such as the Mayo Clinic and Kaiser Permanente.
  5. Healthcare Jobsite
    They have dedicated their job site to professionals working in the healthcare field. Search the continuously updated database of healthcare job postings, post your resume, and connect with top employers in the healthcare and medical industry. They also offer tools such as videos, continuing education, and even a reputation defender.
  6. Medzilla
    Get services for employers and professionals in the field of biotechnology, pharmaceutical, science, and healthcare here. You can click on the various employers or type in position sought into the search engine. They also have a community with more.
  7. Absolutely Healthcare
    Browse over 300,000 healthcare and medical jobs for employment throughout the United States here. You can post your resume and even get licensing information on the site. There is also information on items such as salary, relocation, and more.
  8. Healthcare Jobs
    Those who are just beginning an education or job search can stop here to get guides on everything from alternative medicine to therapy services. They also have a list of the newest job openings in healthcare, along with how many hits each has. You can also send in your questions to actual health professionals.
  9. Healthcare Source
    They specialize in quality talent and care. Over 1,500 healthcare facilities stop by here to post jobs. In addition to searching through the jobs board, you can get tools such as a position manager, test source, interview manager, and more.
  10. Jobs in Healthcare
    A smaller job search site, you can still type in what job and which location to get healthcare results. There are loads of quotes from actual users, and there is even a listing of the most popular searches.

Other Top Job Sites for Healthcare Administrators

Get even more help in becoming a healthcare administrator with these job sites.

  1. VA Careers
    Because the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs also needs healthcare administrators, click here. You can visit to learn about the latest jobs available through the VA. They hire both veterans and non-veterans and include loads of career information such as salary and benefits on their site.
    Get one of the most important pieces of information a current or prospective healthcare administrator needs to know here. There is loads of information on the current salary for those in healthcare administration at this site. Simply click on the title you are interested in to get more.
  3. Hospital Jobs Online
    If looking for a healthcare administration job specifically in a hospital, click here. They have jobs from hospital administrator to nursing and more on one site. You can also check out the list of current top ten hospital jobs.
  4. CAHME
    Want to work as an administrator for healthcare education? Then visit here to see if the educator has been accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education. They also have other resources for students.
  5. NHS Careers
    If interested in landing a career with the National Health Service in the United Kingdom, click here. They offer information on over 300 different careers as well as their qualifications. You can even get information for those working outside the UK.
  6. Telegraph Jobs
    Go outside the NHS and find jobs on one of the nation’s leading publications, “The Telegraph.” They have jobs all over the UK listed by locations, recruiting, and even most popular. You can also search by role to find managerial and other administrative jobs.
  7. Medic Solve
    Use this site to find job sites for your search. They include many popular choices by location such as the U.S. Canada, the United Kingdom, and more. You can also get resume tips and other career advice.
  8. Healthcare Jobs in Canada
    Just as the title suggests, stop here to find healthcare jobs in Canada. There are loads of categories to choose from, including administrative. They also include job advice.
  9. SEEK
    Stop here to get Australia’s leading job site. With a special section for healthcare and medical jobs, there are many sub-categories to choose from such as management. They also include many of executive jobs on the site.
  10. Careers in Healthcare Management
    Learn more about a career as a healthcare administrator from the American College of Healthcare Executives. They offer PDFs of common jobs, along with pertinent salary information. Visit the main site with more for students.

And the above top 30 job sites for healthcare administrators offer options for everyone from experienced professionals to recent graduates and even students looking to get experience as they study and earn some money to help pay for school for those who need help outside of scholarships, grants, and loans.

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