Career and Salary Prospects for Health Administration

With a degree in health administration, you’ll be prepared to help run some of the most complex health facilities in the world. Without proper administration and management, the world’s healthcare system would crumble – while you aren’t directly involved with treating patients as a health administrator, your work is just as important to keep the entire facility functional. If this sounds like a career that interests you, here’s the information you need about your career options in this field.

Health Administration Specialties

Health administration is a rather large field, so most students earning degrees in this area choose to specialize. Your options include a number of business-related topics such as communications, marketing, public relations, human resources, fundraising, budgeting and finance, health informatics, logistics, and management. If you got a bachelor’s degree in one of these fields, that might be a great option for you with your master’s degree in health administration.

Health Administration Salary

With a master’s degree in health administration, your salary will depend on a number of factors such as location, experience, and type of employer. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that medical and health service manager earn an average of $80,240 annually, with the top ten percent earning over $137,800. The size of your facility plays a huge role in the salary you’re offered; reports show that at larger facilities with over 25 physicians practicing, you’ll make an average of $119,000 annually. The bottom line is this: with a degree in health administration, a six-figure salary and excellent benefits are definitely possible!

Health Administration Tasks

The tasks you’ll do on a daily basis will of course depend on your specific job title, which is usually linked to your specialty, but overall, all health administrators have one common goal: to help the facility run as smoothly as possible while providing excellent patient care. To work in this field, you need to be a strong, motivated leader, and it definitely helps if you’re someone who is patient, resourceful, and a good communicator. Health administration roles are often filled by those who have a medical background, since you have an intimate working of the needs of practicing medicine, but this isn’t always the case.

Top Online Master’s Degrees in Health Administration

University of Southern California
Master of Health Admin
University of Southern California » The University of Southern California’s Master in Healthcare Administration trains the next generation of healthcare managers. With courses that study the business of healthcare, and include strategic decision making, environmental analysis, strategic formulation, and strategy implementation, the curriculum is both modern and engaging.
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George Washington University
MBA in Healthcare Management
George Washington University » George Washington University is one the nation’s largest providers of online education and is backed by years of excellence in quality education and working with industry professionals to develop coursework that engages student in relevant assignments. Students learn the core competencies necessary to fulfill health administrative roles upon graduation.
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Southern New Hampshire University
MSM in Health Admin
Southern New Hampshire University » The MSM in Health Administration at Southern New Hampshire University features coursework in healthcare delivery, finance, ethical and legal issues in healthcare administration, and management. The top choice for students in the field, this university graduates individuals ready to join the ranks of healthcare administrators.
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Walden University
Master of Health Admin.
Master of Public Health
MPA in Health Policy
Walden University » At Walden University, students in the MHA, Master of Public Health, and MPA in Health Policy degree programs are dedicated to learning the multifaceted and often challenging careers of healthcare management and healthcare policy. Graduates obtain jobs in government, non-profit, and private healthcare settings.
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Kaplan University
MS in Health Management
MBA in Health Management
MPH in Program Development
MPH in Health Education
Kaplan University » The Kaplan University MS in Healthcare Management, MBA in Healthcare Management, MPH in Public Health Program Development, and MPH in Health Education all provide an award winning educational curriculum designed to prepare the new generation of healthcare managers and government healthcare analysts.
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Boston University
MS in Health Communication
Boston University » The Boston University online Master of Science in Health Communication program features a curriculum that examines the communication of current healthcare issues. The degree program provides students with a world class education in the art of communicating health literacy and policy.
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Grand Canyon University
MBA in Health Management
Grand Canyon University » Students enrolled in the Masters program for health administration are taught to analyze and resolve issues within the field of healthcare. The programs emphasizes the impact economic, quality, cultural, political, and financial factors that shape the delivery of health care and how to factor in cost and economics in the decision-making process.
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